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Our mission is to gets you rid of REPORTED ATTACK SITE status which may harm your online reputation and business. With our expert website cleaning service, your website will get rid of it very quickly with affordable price. Our expert scan includes following services on your website.

  • Scans each file on your Web Server.
  • Remove IFRAME/Script related badwares.
  • Generate Scan Logs.
  • Generate Sitemap to scan your site.
  • Keeps you away from "REPORTED AS ATTACK SITE" on your website.
  • SOSWEBSCAN cannot scans encoded files.

 We have designed our website cleaning service mechanism in a such way so you won't need to pay HIGH amount. In just few bucks you can get rid of reported attack site status.

Wordpress based site cleanup
Our experts will scan your whole wordpress site & Remove malwares. We will give you working website in just 3 Days.
soswebscan for wordpress


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